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Taanko Bhid Gayo

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The film a rib-tickling comedy with a definite message to the parents in general and youth in particular. This film shows, how the increasing misunderstandings, generation gap, confusions and decreasing love and affection between families-parents and children leads to becoming a big problem in their daily lives. This is a story of Ranveer, Annu, Sukhi and Harry-all studying in Shimla. But they all hail from Rajasthan, and speak Rajasthani at home like other Rajasthani families. They, in desperation, decide to run away to avoid the marriage so decided and vow to come back home either after the date of marriage or get married if things go haywire. As luck would have it, they get spotted and apprehended and what now! and this is where hilarity, laughter, and frequent guffaws reverberate through the audience and the whole atmosphere reaches a crescendo.